Useful Links for Web Site Quality Assurance

Please note that many of these links all point to pages outside this site. Thanks for visiting!## Accessibility
An excellent resource for information about accessibility issues and tools for testing and improving web site accessibility, this site also has links for some of the common special-needs browsers.

Commerce Issues

For general essays, please refer to Other Commerce-Related Articles. For cannonical lists of state, country, and Canadian province abbreviations (from webdesign-l list): + U.S. States + countries


Please refer to + Metaphors & Schemas in Design + ecommerce | Schemas & Concept Mapping

Search Issues

Please refer to Useful Search Links and References.

Testing Web Sites

Article: User Testing: How to find out what users want
An article written by Jennifer Fleming for

Usability and Human-Computer Interaction
Bruce Tognazzini's collection of usability essays and commentary.
Keith Instone's great collection of usability-related links.
Jakob Nielsen's collection of usability essays and commentary.
Information & Design
An interesting Australian usability and documentation company with some very cool tools: usability toolkit, paper prototyping kit, and the program "Classified" that makes card sorting easier.