About Philosophe.com

About Me

I've hired, mentored, managed, and lead software quality assurance teams for a long time.

I look at quality through the lens of complexity and systems theory.

For the last decade and a half I've been designing and building custom test automation frameworks.


Yes, a real word for a domain name, Old English philosophe, from the latin philosophus, from the Greek philosophos. Pronounce it FEE-low-sof.

I started writing this site in 1998 to describe a thoughtful approach to the role of software testing and the practice of software quality assurance. I stopped updating it regularly because of other life priorities. But I kept exploring how we understand quality and how we do the testing thing. After working with test automation for more than 10 years, I found that I had a lot to say again.

Philosophe is now written in markdown and generated and flattened into a static site using Python and MkDocs with a slightly modified (and now discontinued) Alabaster for MkDocs theme.

I've never run advertising on this site and have never tracked users.